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When it rains in pastel

take my hand and never let go

When it rains in pastel...
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Lalagirl's Drabbles and Stories

When it Rains in Pastel

Welcome to lalagirl208's Notebook


Some of the works that you will find here are reposts of the stories that I uploaded on my ff.net account. And some are the stories that I never uploaded to ff.net. 

I am a frustrated writer. When I was a kid, I wanted to be
a writer, but then my brother found my very first poem (which was a rather
dumb poem about food) and read it aloud to the whole family.  After
which, they promptly started guffawing.  Of course, they told me
afterwards that it was 'cute' and that my first attempt at a poem was quite
good.  But their attempts to salvage what was left of my tattered pride
were futile.  The damage was done.

Never again did I write another poem.

(unless a teacher required me to, of

And it was only a few years ago that I
managed to get over my severe fear of having other people read (sans
teachers) my work.

My works shall be stored in this journal
so that I can keep them together in one place (which is not in my hard



Constructive criticism only please

Comments would be nice



Thank you~